PDGA Updates Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Protected Divisions

PDGA Updates Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Protected Divisions

The PDGA is implementing a new policy on eligibility for gender-protected divisions (that is, female divisions). The PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Protected Divisions was developed by the PDGA Medical Committee with input from Laura Nagtegaal and was approved by the PDGA Board of Directors on 12 March 2019. 

Previously, the PDGA recognized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission’s 2003 Statement of the Stockholm consensus on sex reassignment in sports in determining eligibility for gender-protected divisions. The IOC has since revised its policy with the Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism (November 2015) and the new PDGA policy is in alignment with this latest IOC standard. 

Any player competing in PDGA events in a gender-protected division (any division containing “F,” e.g. FA1 or FP60) must conform to the requirements of the PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Protected Divisions. Players wishing to compete in female-only divisions must be declared female at birth or meet the requirements to be recognized as a transgender female, details of which are contained in the policy. The policy also addresses players who wish to reclassify from female to male.

Any player wishing to change their gender in the PDGA database must complete the Gender Reclassification Form and send it, along with required documentation, to medical@pdga.com. Any player with specific queries pertaining to their gender classification may contact the PDGA Medical Committee through this email address. All personal information communicated in this regard is covered through the PDGA Privacy Policy.

source: https://www.pdga.com/announcements/pdga-updates-policy-eligibility-gender-protected-divisions