/// Professional disc golfer ///
/// Diversity, Equity & Inclusion advocate ///
/// Board and Committee Volunteer ///

/// The kind of disc golf fairway (and life in the broader sense) I want to be part of, do advocate for, and am convinced we all need, is one where we support & uplift each other. Unconditionally. /// 
A fairway where:
///  we are fully aware we don't own the fairway.
///  we truly feel we belong.

///  we treat each other with the same respect we'd like to be treated with.
///  we welcome people who look, act, appear different than we do with the same wholehearted open embrace that we reserve for people "just like us".
///  we - in case we aim to outperform others - strive to do so by performing one throw better, not by making sure they throw one worse than we do.



3rd “Spirit of the Game”, 2022 WFDF Team Disc Golf Championship
7th 2021 EDGF European Masters Disc Golf Championship (FP40)
1st 2019 PDGA Disc Golf World Championship (FA40)
1st 2019 NFB Nederlands Kampioenschap (FPO)

2013 PDGA Europe Volunteer of the Year

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Currently held volunteer positions

NFB Werkgroep Discgolf Competitie (2023)
WFDF Women in Sports Commission (2022)
PDGA Diversity & Outreach Committee (2022)
PDGA Competition Committee (2021)
PDGA Board of Directors (2019)
PDGA Women’s Committee (2016)

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PDGA statistics

Current rating: 913 (T115 🌍, T23 🇪🇺, 1 🇳🇱, 11 June ’24)

Career events: 146
Career wins: 29

Career highs:
Player rating: 913 (10 Oct ’23)
Round rating: 1014 (25 Jul ’19 @ 2019 AmWorlds)

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“Laura is a World Champion and our [sic: Competition Committee] Board Liaison. She is our resident futurist and provides European counter-perspective when we get a little Americo-centric. Her non-disc golf time is spent working in the professional music scene.”
Mike "sully" Sullivan
PDGA staff
"Thanks for your advocacy!"
"I can't imagine how difficult the campaign process must be for you. That you are putting yourself through this just for opportunity to VOLUNTEER to help improve disc golf for everyone is amazing. Thanks, you have received my vote."

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