Governing resume

PDGA Board of Directors member (2019-)
PDGA Women’s Committee member (2016-)
PDGA Competition Committee Board Liaison (2021-)
PDGA Diversity & Outreach Committee member (2022-)
WFDF Women in Sports Commission member (2022-)
NFB Competition Commission member (2023-)


PDGA Rules Committee Board Liaison (2020-2021)

#respectHERgame leadership team (2020)

PDGA Course Design Committee Board Liaison (2019-2020)

NFB Grow The Sport Committee (2017-2018)

PDGA Europe Interim Administrator (2016-2018) – paid position

PDGA Majors & NT Committee member (2015-2019)

PDGA Ratings Committee member (2015-2017)

PDGA Board of Directors member (2015-2017)

PDGA Europe EuroTour Manager (2014-2018) – paid position 2016-2018

PDGA Country Coordinator (2012-2014)

NFB Board of Directors member (2011-2013)

NFB Chair Werkgroep Disc Golf (2010-2015)


For more details: PDGA // WFDF // NFB

Please note: all are volunteer positions, except where stated otherwise.

Governing priorities & style

A very important pillar in my governance, whether on hyperlocal or global level is my firm belief in these mantras:

You cannot get the big picture right if you ignore the small details.

Together we know more, can do more, and will achieve more.

When you aspire to a better future, you need to set the stage for that today; you need to start by planting that seed, if you will. So that seed can grow its first roots, and if you tend to it properly, it will start growing organically, and come to bloom sooner than you expect it.

Be the change you want to see in the world. It is so much easier for others to follow in your footsteps than to instruct them to walk a path you dotted for them.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb

Representation and visibility will, inevitably, lead to awareness. Through awareness, the path to acceptance can be found, and followed.

My 2022 PDGA Board of directors election main pillars:
* Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
* Globalisation
* Further professionalisation of Elite level events
These three focus points are all part of the current PDGA Strategic Priorities.

Laura is a World Champion and our Board Liaison. She is our resident futurist and provides European counter-perspective when we get a little Americo-centric. Her non-disc golf time is spent working in the professional music scene.” – Mike “Sully” Sullivan, PDGA Competition Committee Staff Liaison, 2022